April 11th, 2010


I am so excited to finally write about my trip to India. I regret it has taken this long, and I am still overwhelmed with trying to put this all to paper, but I am going to do my best to provide a snapshot of my journey because it is one I don’t want to forget. Luckily I have lots of pics and a handwritten notes including the names of the local people that guided us along the way, but it will be awhile before I get to that all. In the meantime, you can check out the short and full version India picture show on the Around India in 12 days page. (and those are the shortest versions I could muster!)

Finally getting around to it.

April 10th, 2010

I saw two rats on the subway platform today on 23rd and Park and didn’t blink an eye. Granted, they were down the platform a bit chasing each other in circles near some trash…and there was a security officer nearby which made me feel slightly better for some odd reason. Then, I went to my 2 hour yoga class (a Vinyasa/somewhat Anusara teacher and style that I finally grew to love) in my new favorite part of the city, Tribeca. After class I walked through City Hall Park stopping to look twice at the cherry blossoms, tulips, and blooming lavender trees. And I think I heard some birds chirping as well. Full of zen, peace and the present moment, I took the subway back uptown to 23rd street only to be packed as a sardine on a subway with a loud beggar announcing something about money, God or both. Finally, I proceeded to Irving place to get a large ‘Sinful delight’, a bagel, a stamp on my coffee card, and chilled with the NYU students while reading the Times. After drooling over the Arts & Style section for all the things I still want to do in this cement city, I came home and cleaned my refrigerator. 

Five years ago, Saturday April 10th, would have been a very different story for me. I would have still been in awe of seeing Jodie Foster the previous Saturday at my friend’s birthday brunch, and I would still be getting over at least one 2am weeknight of 80s karaoke. I would have called my friends and family to tell them about the rats and Jodi at least one time, and forget the subway- I might have even taken a taxi to yoga. I would have stressed or stressed about being late to get to my class and I would surely lose my yoga mat somewhere on Bleeker street during an all day shopping spree. It would be 6pm until I would return to my empty apartment with at least one $5 pashmina from a street vendor only to sit on a blanket as a temporary couch to watch TV (custom fabrics are a b$%#!!)  Then, I would have ended my day getting free drinks from my brother  who would be bartending at a local bar, and I would have called it a night. Sunday morning I would have called home to my friends in Rochester to freak out about the Cruella Deville of a woman who bullied me all week at work and obsessed about why I moved here.

Although I admit nothing about my love for shopping or the Big Apple has changed in 5 years- (the shopping has definitely gotten worse!), a Saturday in Manhattan is now a little different for me. Tonight I sit from twilight onwards in my 17th floor studio overlooking my still proud and gorgeous view of lower Manhattan,  and not a moment do I take it for granted, but it’s now all a regular life. My room with a view that I once thought I could never make do is now my home. I even go grocery shopping now.  Things that were once were so draining and difficult  are now common place and the things that were so exciting and distracting  are as well. I have found balance and serenity and calmness in normal life, where the best part about living here is just ‘living here.’ Five years ago I was worried that would not be possible and that I would not be able to enjoy the same things I did back home like waking up to hear the birds chirp on a Saturday morning. I thought the traffic and the sounds of the city would drain them out and nature would obsolete.  But I can assure you they do chirp in the city too- and I was wrong.

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