‘Room with a View’

February 17th, 2011
'Room with a View'

A week left to take in the sights from 17D. . .

I want to spend some time talking about my own windows on my world or my ‘Room with a View’. If the twin towers were still up, I would be able to see them facing South. (I actually have been able to see the laser lights rise every September which is really cool so I can tell where they were in relation to where I live). On that note, I feel that my apartment has been my own protected view of the world. It’s not fancy or big- one might say I live in a fishbowl, but I have enjoyed it for six years!!This space which I once obsessed about because I didn’t want my bed to be messy in the same room as where people sit, has become my little haven of peace. After the craziness of work, or travel or a night out with the girls- I have been able to come home to this corner safe and sound and still feel like a part of it all. There’s something about being able to see the streets which makes me feel like I am still out there. My favorite time of day is night and early dawn because the city quiets down and all I can hear is the whisper of white noise as the moonlight beams  into my apartment. I don’t need the TV, the phone, or the radio, but instead I just take in the sounds of the city–the cars, taxis, buses, motorcycles, or light laughter on the streets… as Depeche Mode says ‘I enjoy the silence.’

My apartment has a two way view. My main room windows are south facing looking down 2nd avenue with a view of the Williamsburg bridge. At night I can see the peeps across the streeet walking around in their rooms and I’m sure they can see me. In the anonymity of New York, I don’t worry about that too much. It has been nice to know I am not alone.

The kitchen windows of my apartment face 21st street and I can almost see all the way to the Hudson river. I don’t look out this view as much except when I am cooking which isn’t much. When I do cook, it is a treat in more ways than one!

As much as things seem ‘normal’ to live here, the feeling of being here, looking down at the world and seeing the city scenes below has provided peacefulness and serenity that I will never forget, not to mention that I feel like I am around people all of the time. I can see if it’s cold out or warm out or raining by the current winterwear of the day. But it doesn’t matter because I almost always forget my umbrella.

I will miss my windows on my world. But my world has changed and it’s time.

2 Responsesto “‘Room with a View’”

  1. AdamWon February 17, 20113:53 am

    Yes, and as Metallica says “Time marches on…” :)

  2. Kevinon February 23, 20115:36 pm

    Now you have a new view from a new window!

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