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March 23rd, 2010

For years I have wanted to live in a big city. I just didn’t have the guts to do it. In 2004, I was let go from my job of six years in Rochester and I saw it as a sure sign to make a change. I achieved (and accepted) a job in Manhattan at one of the big three professional consulting Firms and downsized from my two bedroom apartment with a garage to a studio apartment in NYC.  Through all this, I knew I was  pursuing my dream, but I was beside myself with worry at the same time. Amongst many things, like leaving my friends and family, the comforts of Rochester such as Park Avenue,  the Public Market, Pittsford Wegmans, and Friday happy hours, I was worried about the unknown. I was worried and sweated the small stuff- like that the pace would get the best of me; that I would be eaten up by corporate sharks; that I would never once again be able to enjoy listening to the serenity of birds chirping on a summer’s Saturday morning.  But I was wrong. But after many hurdles and  several lessons learned, it all worked out. So this blog is about that.  It of course was inspired by my move to the big apple in 2004, but it really is about me, and some of the things I love and my general sense for adventure. But it is also about my life philosophy and what I have learned over the year-which is that anything can happen if you put your mind to it, whether it is  internal or external. Although it may require ambiguity, the unknown, and several challenges along the way, it is still worth it if it is your passion and in your heart. And even if you think they won’t, the birds still chirp pretty much anywhere.


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